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Hi madeline! Do you think zumba is a good workout to burn fat and build muscle? Thanks:)

i used to love zumba and did it all the time when i was first starting to get fit, I think it really helped a lot especially because it was so easy to just go to a class a few times a week. unfortunately im dealing with a few injuries at the moment that mean zumba isnt a great idea but I hope you enjoy it! just dont throw your body around too much as it can be a high risk activity xx

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary I decided to post the boyfriend tag video Michael and I recorded awhile back (before my camera was stolen) - check it out on my YouTube channel madeline bourke to see what question he really should know the answer to…but apparently doesn’t! (Link in my Instagram description) xx :)

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary I decided to post the boyfriend tag video Michael and I recorded awhile back (before my camera was stolen) - check it out on my YouTube channel madeline bourke to see what question he really should know the answer to…but apparently doesn’t! (Link in my Instagram description) xx :)

30 steps to a healthier life

I think there is a this scary stigma attached to starting a healthier lifestyle or losing weight, people think its going to be a terribly hard process and that maybe it wont even be worth it.  Yes it can be hard at times, but it will be one of the best things you have ever done and you will not regret it. I have tried to break it down into 30 less intimidating, and simple steps, start slow don’t feel like you have to do it all at once… but hopefully they make changing to a healthy lifestyle a little less daunting!

1. Focus on right now. A lot of progress is lost when thinking about all of the times you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and have been unsuccessful, putting off dieting for a later date, or being overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do this week. Focus on the now and get started!

2. Accept it. Come to terms with what your body looks like and how that makes you feel, and then make a promise to never let yourself get back to that point. Its ok to be unhappy about the way you look, as long as you channel that energy into positive changes.

3. Eat proper portions. Try to break the habit that most of us have of over eating, especially at dinner. And definitely do not deprive yourself of food! Your body needs that food as fuel to keep up with you and your new weight loss regime! Don’t get obsessed with counting calories, instead listen to what your body needs.

4. Out with the old and in with the new. Fill your kitchen cupboard/fridge up with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and other healthy things like eggs, meat, nuts and grains. Get rid of all your unhealthy items, if its not in the house you’re less likely to be tempted.

5. Healthier alternatives. Find a healthy version of some of your favourite treats so that when your cravings kick in you can substitute them and not feel guilty, kicking the craving before it can do too much damage.

6. Boost your metabolism. If you’re hungry, eat. Its as simple as that eat regular smallish meals whenever you start to feel hungry. Have a big breakfast, a slightly smaller lunch and even smaller again dinner and snack on healthy things throughout the day. The second you start denying your body food it will begin to store food as fat.

7. Drink up! This is such an important one. If you want to lose weight and get healthy drink as much water as you can throughout the day. This so much harder than you would think.. its recommended at least 8 glasses at day! Try mixing it up with tea and infused water. If you are properly hydrated your body wont feel the need to store water and this can reduce bloating and ‘water weight’.

8. Don’t Target a Specific Area. It is very difficult to target just one part of your body that you want to lost weight, it just doesn’t work like that.  Once you start exercising and eating properly your body as a whole will start to shrink, you cant just pick and choose where you want to loose it. However you can choose to focus on areas to tone up and build muscle after the initial weight loss.

9. Eat real food. If its all packaged up and the list of ingredients is full of things you don’t even recognize.. don’t eat it. Eat simple wholesome foods in their original form, your body doesn’t need all those processed chemicals.

10. There is no perfect recipe for weight loss. What works for one person may not work for the next. Don’t get upset if a particular diet worked wonders for someone else but you’re not getting any results. It’s about choosing what works best for you. This can take some time and a bit of trial and error but don’t give up.

11. Don’t be afraid to fail. Many people think they’ve got to get it just right on the first try in order to be succcessful. But trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Every step you take in the right direction is helping, and is better than a step in the wrong direction.

12. Do your research. Grab your laptop or a health magazine and read as much as you can about health, fitness and weight loss. Find out about superfood, fat burning foods, healthy recipes and weight loss tips. This sort of knowledge is invaluable.

13. Be positive. When you’re trying to loose weight you may find yourself comparing your body to others.. don’t. try to focus on the positives of how good it feels to move again and look after yourself, don’t listen to the little self loathing voice in your head. Don’t focus on how you may look now but on how fabulous you are going to look in the future and the amazing feeling of accomplishment when you get there.

14. Avoid Toxic People. Just like you’re trying to avoid foods that are harmful to your body, it’s the same with people and negative spaces. You’ll likely find that there are some people in your life that seem to bring you down, especially when they see you start to change for the better. It’s best to avoid them if at all possible, and re-evaluate your relationship with them.

15. Go to Bed Early. You set up the next day by how well you sleep the night before. If you’re staying up late into the night you’re making it more likely that you’ll start the day off on the wrong foot. Plus your organs and systems need sleep in order to function at their best.

16. Wake Up Early. If you go to bed early enough, you can wake up early and still get your 8 hours. Sometimes you need to just jump out of bed first thing in the morning before you give yourself a chance to make excuses and talk yourself out of this mornings workout. You’re likely to be more motivated to move in the morning than at the end of a long day, so get it out of the way early so you can enjoy the rest of the day guilt free.. it will also most likely help you start your day on a positive note.

17. Its not instant. Don’t be naïve and think that you will see amazing results just from a few days of exercising and eating better. It really is a journey and takes time, you’re changing your life for the better and that’s not a simple task.

18. Don’t follow the pack. Don’t jump on the latest diet fad or weight loss craze, if its not effective it can set you back from the progress you were making on your own with traditional diet and exercise. It will always win out in the end.

19. Treat yourself. Go and buy yourself a new dress or some colorful new workout gear. Reward yourself for all your hard work.

20. Don’t be too strict too quick. You need to work your way upto things, don’t go too hard too quickly or you may burn out and lose the motivation to continue.

21. Stop drinking your calories. Cut down all of your sugary fizzy drinks, including fruit juices that you’re not making yourself. Try to cut down your alcohol as well, leave it for celebrating and special occasions.

22. Cheat. Give yourself a day off every week, something like friday night is take away night. Its okay to indudge every once in a while and doing things like this can help to fight off the cravings for the rest of the week. If you find that it will be too hard to then get back to your diet the next day and would prefer not to tempt yourself than that’s okay too. The key is doing what works for you.

23. Mix it up. If you’re repeating the same exercise over and over again it may become boring and you can start to lose the motivation to do it all again tomorrow. Find a few different workouts that you enjoy and alternate what you do each day. Also make sure you’re doing a mix of cardio and strength training.

24. Set yourself goals. Start off small with what you view as a more obtainable goal and then as your confidence increases your goals can too. Its okay to have a big picture/end result goal but don’t expect it to be achieved straight away, focus on just being a healthier and happy version of you.

25. Get a workout buddy. Having a friend who shares a similar weight loss/fitness goal is a great way to stay motivated. You can encourage each other and if you organize to workout together it makes you less likely to flake out. It also just makes it all the more fun :)

26. Track Your Progress. No matter how you do it, be sure to keep a log of the progress you make. And don’t get too hung up on what the scales may say. Try taking progress pictures, sometimes the scales may not be changing but your body is. This will also give you something to look back on and see how far you’ve come.. and why you’re never going back

27. Have a home workout. Having the option of working out at home means that there are no excuses, if the weather is horrible that day stay in the comfort of your own home and sweat it out. Start to build a collection with things like an exercise matt, light weights, medicine balls etc.

28. Get with technology. There are so many great apps and social media sites that can assist with your weight loss journey. Try getting an app that can track your workouts, this can help with your confidence when you see how many calories you’ve burned and push you to burn a few more. Things like instagram and blogs are a great way to stay motivated and connect with people who are on a similar journey. It’s a great way to find inspiration and see for yourself that people can achieve amazing results when they put in the effort.

29. Take notice of other positive changes. Yes you may be loosing weight, but acknowledge and appreciate all the other improvements in your life. Are you sleeping better? Feeling happier? Do you have a more positive out look? Improved relationships etc.

30. Do It For You. Many people have many reasons for wanting to lose weight. But one that gets overlooked is just doing it for you. There’s really no better reason than that, and all other reasons come back to you anyway.